Providing a special way to honor the life of your loved one.

Scattering Ashes by Airplane

Sky Pilot Aviation


Scattering ashes from an airplane allows many more options as some beautiful and meaningful locations are remote, not easily reached or inaccessible by motor vehicles or hiking. 

When cremated remains, commonly referred to as ashes, are scattered from an airplane, a portion will slowly descend to earth and a portion will stay aloft and be scattered further by the winds.  Each release is treated as a solemn, personal event and only one person's ashes are scattered per flight unless special arrangements are made.  We also offer this service for beloved pets.

We can scatter the ashes over pre-selected areas in Southern Nevada, Arizona, Southern Utah and California.  If a specific location is desired we can program the latitude and longitude coordinates into our GPS navigation system and scatter the ashes over the exact location you desire.

Arrangements can be made for the family to view the release from the ground for an additional fee.   Unfortunately, we are not able to carry passengers.

When the scattering is completed, we provide a personal note, a Certificate of Completion that includes the location, date and a copy of an aeronautical chart or image from Google Earth that indicates the location of the scattering.

Cremated remains can be shipped directly to Sky Pilot Aviation, picked up locally from a funeral home or mortuary or delivered in person.  The scattering will be performed as soon as possible after receiving the remains and will usually take place early in the morning.  Due to flight safety, the actual date and time could be affected by weather conditions.

Cost of scattering services start at $580.00 This rate includes Lake Mead National Recreation Area and other areas in Southern Nevada.  Personalized locations are arranged on an individual basis so please contact us to discuss the various options and costs.